#IndieSpotlight: EDM, Chivalry, & Justice

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If I had a dollar for every screw up in the AAA industry, I’d be a pretty rich guy. This time we got NBA 2K20 having such a garbage launch, that the PC version revealed the 2K19 logo and some code in the files. Borderlands 3 reviews were based off a way early version and was asked not to talk about bugs? Oh, and Fallout 76 is being Fallout 76. But, beneath the pile of trash that the big guys are making, we can at least find a bit of a gold mine in the indie market. Today, I’m actually going to talk about 4 games that I think you guys should keep an eye on. So, let’s get into it.

No Straight Roads (PS4, PC)

I vaguely remember seeing this game I think during E3? I’m not too sure. But, Seeing the TGS trailer for it has me kinda hype for it. While I think the main protagonist is…well…not the prettiest, I do love this concept of fighting music with music. An entire city ruled by EDM and rock being dead? What’s not to like so far? The visuals look pretty amazing and flashy, the art style is pretty solid, and the music (so far) sounds just as good. If nothing else, I expect a good soundtrack. For the record though? I would definitely fight for an EDM fueled future. I would also like a sequel where they have to take on Trap music. Perhaps in the sequel….

A Knight’s Quest (PS4, XB1, Switch, PC)

I like Sonic Adventure. I like The Legend of Zelda. Naturally, I would find a hybrid of the two interesting. I feel like the main character is going to be irritating. However, the gameplay looks promising. The story seems as dime a dozen as it gets; tragedy befalls village, main defense of village seems screwed, unlikely hero completes feats he would have never done were it not for a life threatening experience. Which, is fine. As long as it’s told in an entertaining way. The gameplay is what really matters. Seems to be a lot of platforming, puzzle solving, and combat with a plethora of weapons. I look forward to seeing more of this game. Oh! And grind rails. Grind rails are important.

Rebel Cops (PS4, XB1, Switch, PC)

I’m gonna tell you guys up front. I have no idea what This Is The Police is. I say that because apparently this is a spinoff from that game. So I don’t really know if you need to know about that game first or not. From what I’ve seen of it, it doesn’t seem so. What I do know is that this is strategy RPGs, which always get a not from me because I enjoy their methodical and rewarding gameplay. This seems to give players even more of that feeling with an emphasis on stealth to get through the levels. The combat is especially intriguing as it does away with hit points in favor of the player trying non-lethal methods to capture people. Though, when things DO get violent, there are no hit points. You’re either down, or you’re not. Oh, and there’s also permadeath! So this’ll be a tense game, I’m sure. If you like taking down the mafia with not-cop-cops that is.

Untitled Goose Game (Switch, PC)

How…how did this elude me for so long? This game looks amazing to me! For context, I like….really eccentric games. I legitimately think I Am Bread is a great game…just so you have a measure for my capacity for weirdness. As for this, it’s just dumb fun. You ruin people’s day as a goose. That’s it. That’s the game. Prank people, steal from them, probably peck at them, honk at them, and just ruin everything for them. I can’t find anything wrong with this premise and I already love this game. After seeing some gameplay of it, I can’t suggest harder that you watch this game if you’re looking for something not so serious and just really goofy.

So that’ll do it for this week. Any games that caught your eye? Surely, you’re as excited for Untitled Goose Game as I am. But if somehow you aren’t, what indie game are you looking forward to? Which ones are you playing? Let us know in the comments.

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