#IndieSpotlight: Arcaea

In an effort to continuously make safe money, the AAA industry abandons lots of beloved genres. One such genre is rhythm games. I think the last big hurrah was Rock Band, but I could be wrong. But as we see with Friday Night Funkin‘ people still love the genre. But what if you don’t like to match the arrows because you really like DJ Max? What if you’re a weeb who likes weeb music? Then boy do I have a game for you. 

Normally, I don’t cover games for one system. I like players to have options. But I will make that exception for a rhythm game because they deserve more love. Not to mention, Arcaea deserves the shout-out. The music in this game is fantastic. It has a story, and I have no idea what it is. Something about these girls out to save the world. But we aren’t here for that. We are here for weeb music and this delivers in spades. 

To be fair, this game can be played on your phone… If your phone was made in the last 2-3 years. It doesn’t always look it, but this is a pretty intensive mobile game. Which is why it’ll be right at home on the Switch. Arcaea’s gorgeous soundtrack may have you hooked like it has me but playing it on your phone can be weird. So using the joycons to trace the paths and the buttons for notes just make sense. If you want to preview it for yourself, it’s in the Google Play Store and App Store as we speak. I advise you do, then check out the Switch version. And if you catch an earworm while playing, the soundtrack is on Spotify. You’re welcome.

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