Indie Fighter KnockOff Lets You Fight With Toys

Discover the charm of KnockOff, an indie 2D fighting game by Mecanimal Games that cleverly blends nostalgia with innovative gameplay.

I stumbled upon this gem called KnockOff, an upcoming 2D fighting game by Mecanimal Games that’s making waves in the indie scene. Picture this: it’s a quirky brawl featuring characters inspired by your favorite ’80s and ’90s TV shows and toys. The game boasts a classic feel with a 6-button layout, but what sets it apart is the freedom to unleash creative combos, air moves, and special powers.

All the characters are cheeky “knock-offs” of the classics, giving the game a unique charm. But, let’s keep our fingers crossed that Mecanimal Games doesn’t get a friendly letter from Hasbro, right? With only five characters revealed, the starting roster promises eight diverse personalities, each bringing their own flair to the vibrant, fast-paced battles.

In a nutshell, KnockOff isn’t just about reliving those awesome childhood memories; it’s a fresh take on classic fighters, wrapped up in humor and originality. Mecanimal Games is pouring heart and soul into crafting solid gameplay, diverse characters, and a dash of humor. So, whether you’re into retro gaming, classic TV, or just a good laugh, KnockOff might be your next gaming obsession. Keep an eye out for this one – it’s shaping up to be a playful ride down memory lane!

Check out the trailer for a sneak peek into the action and the nostalgic feels it’s sure to deliver.

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