Indie Action Game Genokids rocks out in their Teaser Trailer

I’m a fairly simple gamer. You give me some cool combat where I can just do flashy looking combos, and I’ll be pretty happy. As it is right now, Genokids has that in spades. It’s flashy, fluid, and has multiple characters that you can switch mid combo. It gives me Devil May Cry 3 style change vibes, except I’m sure that this will be a little more fleshed out. I’ve never heard of Nukefist before this, but so far I think they’re onto something with this one.

From what I can gather from their Steam page, this is a game about Genokids , the band, and how aliens invade and bust up their concert. Now they’re going to beat them up because reasons. Good enough for me. My only concerns is that the combat looks a tad on the floatier side and may not deliver on the impact as much. Also, I hope to see a nice variety of enemy types. There’s a lot to work with when aliens are involved. But from what we have so far? It’s looking good and I’ll be keeping my eye on this one.

As far as a release date…”Before Alien Invasion.” Do with that what you will.

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