Guacamelee 2 Announced, Releasing “Soon-Ish”

Didn’t know if you knew this about me, but I love platformers and I love beat-em ups. So, imagine my surprise when one day this game Guacamelee comes out of nowhere and becomes one of my favorite games of its release year. I loved the style, the challenge, and the unique mechanics it brought to the table. I loved it enough to play it over and over again. But, once you know the tricks, it’s hard to wanna keep playing it. Still, I wanted more.

Which brings us to this morning with the announcement of Guacamelee 2. 

With one of the most honest release dates of “soon-ish”, Guacamelee 2 looks to tell a different story than the comically dramatic one from the last game. Here’s the official blurb about it:

“Seven years after defeating Carlos Calaca, Juan Aguacate is forced to don his luchador mask again to face a new threat — this time to the very fabric of space and time. Punch your way through a whole new Metroid-vania style world and try to save the Mexiverse! “

Not sure what the “Mexiverse” is, but I’m more than excited how our agave farmer turned luchador will save it. And now, the trailer I’m going to be watching all day:

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