#GamesCom2019: Marvel’s Avengers Gameplay Footage

Last week, the internet was dedicated to putting most of it’s nerd energy into the departure of Spider-man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With all the hoopla, it was easy for this new trailer for the upcoming Crystal Dynamics developed Marvel’s Avengers to slip through the cracks. The new trailer was shown off at GamesCom 2019 in Germany. It shows a much more in-depth look at the gameplay this time around. From what was shown, it looks very promising. The seamless transition from cutscene to gameplay looks amazing. My favorite portion was the fight between Black Widow and Taskmaster. It looked very theatrical and larger-than-life. Also, Black Widow’s face got a nice retouching. Still, this is just the pre-alpha build and many things in the game can definitely change or be left on the cutting room floor by the time this game ships next Spring. Take a look at the new trailer below:

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