Fantasy Strike Debuts this July on Console & Steam

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SirlinGames revealed today that their labor of love Fantasy Strike would (finally) be released on July 25, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Switch and Steam. I had a chance to play an early build of the game a few years ago at Evo 2017. It had a lot of potential back then with its unique take on traditional 2D fighting games.

The trailer shows off the new features, online modes as well as a robust tutorial and in-game frame data to get you to the next level.

Fantasy Strike is a reboot of the fighting game genre by an ex-Street Fighter developer. It distills the genre down to its fundamentals with a focus on strategy over difficult controls. It features cutting-edge low-latency networking technology for online play, instructional videos about how to play every character, and several single player modes. It also has two unique features never before seen in a fighting game: 1) the “yomi counter,” a technique that allows you to escape throws by taking the risk of letting go of your controls completely, and 2) a visual representation of “frame advantage” that shows which character will recover first, and by how much, after every hit. Fantasy Strike is a modernized take on classic arcade fighting.

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