[Updated] #EvoJapan2020: Chaos Code NEXT Announced

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[Update] 2/11/20 4:12PM CST
Mickey Lin, series creator posted a heartfelt letter on Twitter revealing that Chaos Code NEXT would be unfortunately cancelled. FK Digital originally released a press release stating that the game’s development would be cancelled and didn’t give further details as to why. You can read his letter right here. It’s very sad news. I personally was looking forward to the next installment in the franchise. But I hope Mickey gets well soon.

FK Digital shared a brand new trailer for the next installment of their indie fighter Chaos Code: Next Episode of Xtreme Tempest. They previous teased a new game at Toushinsai 2017. The previous teaser showed off a very early alpha version of the game. This latest trailer or combo exhibition shows off the new roster featuring newcomer Gou. No word yet on a release date or platforms it will be released on. We’ll keep you posted as new information comes. In the meantime check out the newest trailer below:

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