Dragon Star Varnir Soars onto PS4 This June

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Idea Factory and Compile Heart have released more gameplay information regarding their upcoming JRPG Dragon Star Vanir

Battle System:

3-Tiered Battle System: Players will experience a battlefield that is split into 3 levels: Top, Middle, and Bottom. Players are able to move freely during battle and can position their party members in different formations to achieve additional stat boosts!

Traps: Think two steps ahead of your enemy! Plant traps for added damage in battle to defeat those pesky dragons. Once a trap has been placed, players will need to use a physical attack to knockback the enemy into the trap. The physical attack can push up, down, and back into a trap!

Dragon Awakening: Attacking an enemy during battle accumulates a character’s Dragon Gauge! Once the Dragon Gauge is maxed out, then a Dragon Awakening will occur, which transforms a character into a powerful being with added stats to defense and attack. If the Dragon Awakening is ignited when a character’s HP is low, it will cause a Rogue Dragon Awakening. In this state, your attack power and escape rate may increase, but your defense will be greatly lowered, so be careful!

The battle system looks interesting. The three tier system is an unique take on using height and proximity to gain an advantage in battle. Its not revolutionary but it could be amazing if implemented well. Idea Factory has been hit or miss with their battle mechanics in recent titles. Gameplay can definitely be a deciding factor in whether a game is successful or not.

Also, Dragon Star Varnir will be available for Playstation 4 on June 11, 2019 for North America and June 14, 2019 for Europe. Check out their latest gameplay trailer to see the battle system in action:

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