Did You Know These Four Movie Industry Secrets?

The film industry fills the air with mystery and intrigue. So here are some fun facts you didn’t know about the movie industry you can tell your friends.

The film industry has brought people together, even in the toughest of situations. The magical world of moviemaking has a natural draw on viewers, from the magical effects of Harry Potter to the simple character interaction in Lost in Translation. Movies create a sense of safety and escapism, giving the viewers a chance to step away from reality for a little while.

But what are some little-known things about the film industry that are worth mentioning? Movies and acting contain unmentioned information or even troublesome situations behind the scenes. It’s especially true for many people outside of the creation process. So here are some fun facts you didn’t know about the movie industry.

Toy Story 2 Was Almost Deleted

That’s right; the sequel to the first Toy Story movie almost didn’t come to fruition. Due to an accidental command entry, the “master machine” that contained the Toy Story 2 film deleted nearly 90 percent of the product. The Pixar team attempted to use a backup system to restore the film, but it unfortunately failed.

However, the film’s technical director had a spare copy on hand while working at home. The film would have been entirely remade or scrapped altogether if it weren’t for her.

The Snow in The Wizard of Oz Was Asbestos

In the golden years of cinema, safety standards were more lenient than today. That included risky pyrotechnics, copper-based face paint, and painstakingly long work hours. Additionally, this included the use of asbestos. 

In the infamous poppy field scene in The Wizard of Oz, the snow effect turned out to be asbestos-based. When it comes to fun facts you didn’t know about the movie industry, this one isn’t so fun after all.

The Film Industry Began in New Jersey

Many movie-goers and enthusiasts would assume that the movie industry started in Hollywood or New York City. However, the truth is that the global entertainment medium established its roots in New Jersey.

It began with a New Jersey inventor, two French brothers, many cameras, and sets of moving images to create a cohesive story. The first narrative fiction film, The Great Train Robbery, took place in New Jersey with a 12-minute runtime. 

Steven Spielberg Made His First Film for Boy Scouts

Many of today’s most renowned directors, producers, and actors came from humble beginnings. One infamous director named Steven Spielberg created his first 8mm film when he was only 11 years old. 

It wasn’t necessarily from a desire to pursue moviemaking as a career but rather to receive his photography merit badge from Boy Scouts. From there, his love for film blossomed. Additionally, there are many famous movies filmed in 8mm besides Spielberg’s. So he isn’t the only one who started from beginner’s experience.

Movies offer a creative aspect from everyday things. Character studies, fantasy and sci-fi adventures, war reenactments—all these represent the desire to explore the imagination. So pick up your favorite movie and see magic beyond the TV screen.

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