Dead or Alive 6 Adds Bass, Tina and Mila To The Roster

Koei Tecmo just released their latest trailer for their upcoming fighter Dead or Alive 6. Series mainstays Bass and Tina were added to the roster along with DOA5 newbie Mila. They added a new stage as well. The game is looking way more polished than it did when it was teased a few month ago. The hit sparks and effects look a lot more sharp and crisp. I’m a little disappointed that Bass is aging backwards. He’s less of a beefy muscle bear daddy to just some muscle jock. His proportions are really slender. I want Texas Daddy Bass back! But he’s just a memory. Tina gets prettier with each game. Her face model has gotten a tune up it seems. Check out the new trailer below: Dead or Alive 6 – Three Rumble Ready Fighters

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