Brand New Sailor Moon Eternal Trailer

We’re slowing approaching the premiere of Sailor Moon Eternal in Japan. Luckily we got treated to a new trailer on their official channel. Still no word on how it will be distributed outside of Japan at this time.

Sailor Moon Eternal will arrive in Japanese theatres January 8, 2021 (Part 1) and February 11, 2021 (Part 2). Hopefully theirs a simulcast on CrunchyRoll. Take a look at the brand new trailer below:

Rough translation of the spoken dialogue (Thanks @Yosenex)

Helios: Maiden… maiden with beautiful dreams. The time has come.

Usagi: The sun is blocking the moon?

Chibiusa: I really want to be just like Usagi.

Minako: At this rate we will have to continue fighting as Sailor Soldiers. I guess my dream won’t come true.

Helios: Help me. I have finally found you my chosen maiden.

Guardian Mercury: Open your eyes. Remember your true dream!

Sailor Moon: We’ll be together no matter what. We’ll press on no matter the odds. I’ll protect this planet, Mamoru, and everyone!

Sailor Moon Eternal the movie! The Moonlight carries the message of love transcending time.

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