Anna Williams, Lei Wulong And Negan From The Walking Dead Join Tekken 7 Season 2

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Harada-san took to the stage at Evo 2018 to announce Season 2 of Tekken 7. Fans have been praying that legacy characters Lei Wulong and Anna Williams would be added to the game. And their prays have been answered as both characters would be added to the game for Season 2 will really great redesigns. Also, there will be a new wall bounce mechanic added to the game. Hopefully this won’t affect the meta too much.

The big reveal was Negan from AMC’s The Walking Dead. Many people were expecting Kiwami from the Yakuza series. Negan was an unexpected choice. Still that doesn’t mean Kiwami is out of the question. There’s still three slots left for Season 2. Check out the reveal trailer below:

TEKKEN 7 – Season Pass 2 Reveal featuring Negan from AMCs The Walking Dead | PS4, X1, PC

Introducing a brand new lineup of warriors stepping into the TEKKEN 7 ring! With Season 2 of the TEKKEN 7 Season Pass, fighters such as Anna Williams, Lei Wulong and Negan from AMC’s The Walking Dead join the fight!

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